Solid 35: Olin Browne & The $1 Million Challenge With Ely Callaway

AJ Voelpel

Welcome to Solid 35, the radio show where @harryarnettcg, and head of Pro Tour, @NickRaffaeleCG, catch up with our friends throughout the game and at Callaway.

This week we’ve got longtime Callaway Tour Staffer Olin Browne and current Callaway SVP of Product Strategy, Tim Reed.

Below are the timestamps where you can listen to some of our favorite stories/anecdotes:

  • Olin on being on of the longest tenured Callaway Tour Pros (4:04)
  • Can Olin remember his rookie year earnings?  (4.23)
  • On what really sparked the growth of the PGA Tour (5:31)
  • The $1 million challenge with Ely Callaway (6:53)
  • Is there incentive to dominate anymore? (12:28)
  • The sacred advice to earn a living playing golf is… (12:28)
  • On what keeps the fire burning (18:29)
  • Tim Reed Introduction (20:01)
  • Tim’s first jobs in golf (24:38)
  • Product life cycles “back in the day” (25:50)
  • What keeps Tim up at night (26:56)
  • Let’s talk Callaway golf balls (32:27)
  • What Tim is most excited for (38:10)
  • Three things Harry & Nick learned from the show (40:13)
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