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X Forged CB Irons

X Forged CB Irons - Featured

Attack Everything with Precision

The new X Forged CB irons provide consistency, control, amazing feel and a beautiful design for the most discerning of golfers.

Introducing X Forged CB Irons illustration

Introducing X Forged CB Irons

Features & Benefits

  • Precise Control From Multi-Material Construction
    These irons are engineered with custom internal and external MIM’d tungsten weighting. The tungsten in the toe aligns the CG precisely behind the middle of the club, while the external tungsten allows us to precisely dial in swingweight while keeping the CG centered.
  • Signature Soft Feel
    The X Forged CB creates incredibly soft feel from a forged 1025 mild carbon steel body.
  • Spin And Distance Consistency
    Our Tour Tuned Face Plate provides speed while promoting Tour-level spin consistency across the face
  • Players' Shaping
    The blade length, topline and offset are all designed to promote pinpoint shot-making and more workability through the set.
  • Premium Components
    The Project X IO is individually optimized for each iron in the set. The Mitsubishi MMT is a player’s graphite shaft with metal mesh in the tip for stability. Golf Pride’s Z Grip features a firm feel and exceptional traction.
Apex MB X Forged CB Apex Pro
Model Category Blade Forged Cavity Back Players Performance
Head Size Compact Players Players
100% Forged Body
Face Technology
Single Piece Forged Tour Tuned Face Plate A.I. Flash Face = 3i-7i
Tour Tuned Face Plate = 8i-PW
Tungsten Energy Core -- -- Yes = 3i-7i
Adjustable Screw Weight
6 grams each standard
48 grams total
Adjustable Plate Weight
16 grams each standard
149 grams total
Internal Tungsten
Varies per iron - up to 90 grams in 7i
330 grams total
Urethane Microspheres -- -- Yes = 3i-PW
4i = 23°
7i = 33°
PW = 45°
4i = 23°
7i = 33°
PW = 45°
4i = 23°
7i = 33°
PW = 45°
4i = 2.80 mm
7i = 2.29 mm
PW = 1.65 mm
4i = 3.30 mm
7i = 2.80 mm
PW = 2.29 mm
4i = 3.43 mm
7i = 2.80 mm
PW = 1.90 mm
Topline Thickness Thinnest Thin Thin
Sole Width Narrow Narrow Narrow
Player Type Tour pros to scratch golfers who need the ultimate in feel, feedback & workability Tour pros to low single digit players who need consistency, control & amazing feel in a forged cavity back design Tour pros to single digit golfers who want a forged players iron with additional speed & forgiveness


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