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Epic MAX Fairway Wood para mujeres

Epic MAX Fairway Wood para mujeres

Epic MAX Fairway Wood para mujeres - Featured

Dando forma al futuro de la velocidad

Llegó una nueva era de la velocidad para las maderas de Fairway fáciles de lanzar y golpear. En 2021, la velocidad será mucho más rápida, la distancia, mucho más larga y la dirección, mucho más recta. Con nuestras maderas de Fairway Epic MAX volvimos a subir el listón de tecnologías de velocidad de la pelota en una forma de gran tamaño.

Epic MAX Fairway Wood Jailbreak System

New Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades

High Velocity Ball Speeds

Epic ball speeds start with Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades. We used A.I. to design a completely new Jailbreak system, which spreads and angles the Jailbreak blades. Along with stiffening the body, the new design allows the forged face cup to flex more. The result is exceptional ball speeds all across the face.

Epic MAX Fairway Wood Flash Face Image

A.I. Designed Flash Face SS21

Fast Ball Speeds

Every model and every face in our fairway woods are uniquely designed using advanced A.I. The A.I. face is forged using a high strength C300 Maraging Steel for speed and spin consistency across the face.

Epic MAX Fairway Image

Oversized Max Shape

Enhanced Forgiveness

The oversized head combines with a shallow face to make Epic MAX fairways extremely easy to launch.

Epic Max Fairway Wood Weight Image

Adjustable Weighting

Precision Fitting

Launch and spin are tunable using 2 & 14g weights. Use the heavy weight in the rear for more forgiveness or use the heavy weight in the front for lower launch and spin.

Product Specs

  Epic Speed Fairway Woods Epic MAX Fairway Woods
AI Designed Flash Face SS21
Jailbreak Velocity Blades
Forged C300 Maraging Steel Face Cup
Multi Material Construction
Interchangeable Weight -
Launch Mid High
Spin Low-Mid Mid-High
Flight Bias Slight-Draw Draw
Head Shape Mid Oversized
Face Height Mid Shallow
Models Available 3+, 3, 4, 5, 7 3+, 3, 5, Heavenwood, 7, 9, 11